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17.11.2020, 07:37

for a longer time now I am having trouble with a Profilux 4 I bought in the spring. The device is randomly loosing local connectivity - it becomes inaccessible over the local web interface, over control center and the mobile app. Never the less the WiFi connectivity is perfectly present and the device is fully accessible over myGHL. The only thing which helps is to do a restart of the device - then it works for some time and afterwards again looses connectivity and must be restarted. This is exteremly annoying I have to say :(

I have tried to update firmware - went over two versions, not being at latest which was released 13.11.2020. Also did a full rewrite of the file system, also didn't help. Tried to tune network settings, did not help either (working on a dynamic IP which is not changing - assigned to the device in the router).

Any ideas on how to fix this behavior would be very much welcome.



17.11.2020, 17:52
Hello Juraj,

If you are still able to connect to your P4 over myGHL, that means the device is still connected to your network. It sounds like you setup your P4 using the AUTO IP method which allows the router to freely assign and re-assign a new IP address for any reason. When this happens, the app does not know about it and therefore when you try to connect locally, the app will attempt to connect using the original IP address. Since your router changed it, the local connection will be unsuccessful.

If you will be connecting to your P4 mostly over a local connection, we recommend setting up your P4 with a Static IP. The steps for that can be found here: