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08.02.2010, 16:30
When I dose Min S(FM Amino Acids) in the system I want to shut down my skimmer, one pump.
I have a dosing pump setup to dose 7 mL of Min S once a day. Problem is, I don't know when it gets dosed to know when to shut down(timer?) my skimmer pump.
How do I determin when that dosing takes place, actually, when any dosing takes place. I know the controller decides when to dose, but how do I find out when it will dose?

10.02.2010, 09:47
first dosing for pump 1 is 00:00:00 (HH:MM:SS), for pump 2 is at 00:07:30 , and so on

all following dosings are evenly spread over the day - if there is more than 1 dosing per day

10.02.2010, 09:48
maybe an useful hint: in firmware 5.00 the time can be programmed

10.02.2010, 15:44
I switched from dosing from auto to manual and have specified times.
Thanks for the help.
Now, if I could only get my PC to connect throught the LAN I would buy a View.