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23.07.2020, 17:33
Dear All

I am requesting your humble support. I am new to this and hence being little clueless! :confused:

This is what I am planning to achieve:
1. I press the maintenance button in the App (and where else I can trigger this?)
2. When I press the button, it will switch off certain things for a specific duration (I will set this time frame)
3. If above time-frame isnt possible then, I will press this button again to finish the maintenance and it will switch on the socket(s)

The reason I am asking this for the following scenario:

I will dose bacteria, or medication. This requires my skimmer and UV to be switched off for certain time (i.e. Skimmer 1 Hour, UV 24 hours). Once the selected time-frame is elapsed, it will automatically switch the socket(s) on for my Skimmer and UV light.

Secondly, how can I switch off particular socket from the power bar from the APP or GCC? For example, I want to suddenly switch off the Socket 1 which is my return pump. This is may be due to emergency reason (i.e. a leakage happened).

Thanks in advance for your help.

23.07.2020, 18:49
Hi there,

Maintenance modes can be triggered from the app dashboard, P4 touch keys, or maintenance settings page.

Since the max limit for a maintenance mode is 8 hours, it would probably be best to setup a TIMER function for the UV and have it run only on the days when you are not dosing. The skimmer can still be setup with a maintenance mode for 1hr.

In the dashboard, if you have the switch channels tile added you will have the option to enable Manual override. Select this option and select the outlet you want to override. As long as the phone screen stays ON, the override will remain active. If you'd like, you can have the app prevent the screen from turning OFF by going into the app settings and choosing Disable autolock.

23.07.2020, 18:53
Thanks a lot Vinny!

As said I am pretty new to this. And kind of feeling dumb too!

So when i connect my skimmer, UV light, UV pump in the sockets, how do i assign these? can I name them in the GCC / APP?
Then, Can you please guide me to create one complete workflow? PLEASE? I Promise I wont repeat the same thing again ever as I believe I am a quick learner!


Thanks again.

23.07.2020, 19:06
Depending on how you want to control that equipment, you can assign the skimmer and UV pump to Always ON and the UV light to a Timer function. Yes, you can name each outlet.

We have a resource guide which shows you how to setup the controller:

We also have our Knowledge base which contains many how-to articles. Here is one for setting up a timer function: