Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : LOGO show red on PĪ - no alarms

28.06.2020, 14:12
I noted something with my P4 the other dag. The Logo on the main unit (1809119065 and FW 7.24) is red - and no alarms. The Logos on my other units (3 doser 2.1, 1 doser 2 (SA use as a slave) and an exp box 2 are yellow . The settings is Standard w/o blinking

Is this anything to be worried about?

Sincerely Lasse

29.06.2020, 06:28
please try to switch the light to permanent green. perhaps the green leds are brooken.

29.06.2020, 16:16
Hello Lasse,

If this problem continues, please open a support ticket so we can directly assist you.

30.06.2020, 12:10
All 3 basic LEDs (Red, Blue, Green) works as it should. However - I think that @Gandalf is on the right track but it have something with the intensity to do. I had this problem with the intensity set at 15 %. If I rise this to 100 % - the Logo on my P4 is yellow (standard without blinking) - at 59% is more orange and at 15 % - it is more red. All other Logos (Doser 2,x and ExpBox is yellow) With blinking - the P4 is blinking green - yellow or red (depending on intensity,) all the others yellow-yellow. The yellow warning is because one pump was without liquid. When I fill it up - all Logos are green again at standard mode without blinking. With standard mode - all units is blinking blue.

I suppose I have a defect RGB LED in my P4 Logo - I can live with that. However @Vinny - if you think the problem can have a deeper impact (that my controller maybe do not work as it should with regulating issues) - I can come back with a support ticket

Sincerely Lasse