Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : profilux 4 controlling kessil h160 algae light

18.06.2020, 12:28
Hi, can i use the profilux powerbar to switch on and off my kessil h160 light? The voltage range for switching on and off with profilux 4 is 0-10v but the output of the kessil light is 12v

18.06.2020, 20:05
If you wanted only switch ON/OFF through the powerbar, you can setup a normal ON/OFF timer function for that outlet and have it control the H160.

If you would prefer to dim the light, you can do it with the S-Port & L-Port Breakout box accessory. This will allow the ProfiLux to dim the light through the 1-10v interface. You would have to take the kessil control cable and cut one-end to expose the wires. Take these wires and connect it to the BO box. The cables included with the BO box is then connected to one of the 1-10v port on the ProfiLux.