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17.06.2020, 06:15
I have tried and tried to sync up my P4 to my KHD and Doser 2.1 to no avail.
I downloaded myGHL and GHL connect and successfully created an IP address for the P4 and can now access it via WiFi but when I went to connect the Doser via Static IP it would not accept any IP address. I was told that since i connected the P4 I could then Skip WiFi client access to Doser and KHD and connect Doser and KHD directly to P4. I can put the Doser and KHD on the dashboard but none of the settings came over. So I re-calibrated every pump set values and put in a value -/+ of 0. Upon calibration of the PH probe there was no reading when putting it in PH calibration fluids 4 & 7. WHen I flush the cell it reads a pH value of 0. and when I perform a test it reads 0 DKH. Idk why it wont connect. I completely re-calibrated and reset values in KHD. On P4 Dashboard I see a notification for PAB connection error and on front of P4 I see KHD alarm and PABCOM. Helpppp

17.06.2020, 17:03

If this is still an issue, please open up a support ticket so we can provide direct assistance.

17.06.2020, 17:08
ticket has been created, thanks