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09.06.2020, 20:18
Need some help here..

1. Return pump is powered by a separate power strip (non GHL power bar)
2. Return pump connected to P4 via 0-10v port
3. Skimmer on powerbar socket

Trying to do the following:
1. Shut off return pump and skimmer during both feed pause and maintenance
2. Apply delayed start on the skimmer when either feed pause/maintenance ends

I think I need to use some combination of PL and have the return pump assigned to a stream group to power down completely?

10.06.2020, 01:41

A fellow ProfiLux owner has created a guide showing these exact steps.
That can be found here:

12.09.2020, 02:22
I'm not a reef2reef member but did follow these steps and it works beautifully. How can I add a timer for skimmer off for an amount of time? I've found that turning off my skimmer for a few hours at sundown helps further normalize my Ph.

14.09.2020, 18:18

15.09.2020, 05:06
Oh my appologies. I have those functions down, just not sure how to add it on top of the three times that create the delay. So I've implimented the three timers for delays, but would also like to add a timed off of the same switchable channel. I think currently switchable points to timer 3 to add the delays, point to number 4 or something that would keep delays and add a switchable?

15.09.2020, 16:41
You can add 3 or more functions to a single Powerbar socket when you use Programmable Logic. The article here provides an example on how to do this: