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28.04.2020, 15:40
On the P4 display screen, there are some symbols which I would like to know what they mean.

Firstly next to the temperature there is a symbol that looks like ON but it is not clear - this is shown in the first photo below.


Also directly below that is a - after the pH reading Is there something supposed to show here?

I assume the MY GHL symbol is confirming that I am connected to my GHL? Also, what is the circle mean next to that

This is a second photo once I have connected my heater and the KHD. That ON symbol as changed to just an N? Also, the symbol next to MYGHL is now looking like a crescent moon


Many thanks

28.04.2020, 19:50

The P4 / P4e manual has a chart which explains the meaning of each icon. See page 31.

28.04.2020, 20:34
Hi Vinny

I had seen that but must confess hadn't looked/read carefully enough - sorry

A couple of follow up points please:-

The minus symbol after the pH reading indicates "When the minus symbol is displayed, the control has activated the corresponding switching socket (if present) to reduce the pH value."

I wasn't aware I had any control; activated - see screenshot


Why is the moon phase showing when I haven't indicated to be on the display? Is the circle part of the moon phase? see screenshot


Still not totally clear on the heater symbol

"When the substrate heater and tubular heater symbols are displayed, the control has activated the corresponding switch sockets (if present) to increase the temperature"

Is one for the tubular heater and one substrata? At the moment it is just showing N and the heater is off.


28.04.2020, 20:48
If no control function is being used for a probe, the + or - symbols beside the sensor can be disregarded. What it's telling you is that the controller would be running a pH decrease or increase function if you had an outlet assigned to it.
Same for moon phase.

N meaning not active.

28.04.2020, 21:10
OK got that thanks apart from still not fully clear why the moon symbol showing if I am not using it.

So on the heater to conclude if showing ON it means it is working?