Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : P4, Doser 2.1 SA and Power 6E Power Connections.

15.04.2020, 19:06
Just waiting for the arrival of my P4E set and the KH director but have a question in advance of receiving them.

Although it may only be temporary and I understand that it could be seen as a waste of a controlled socket can the P4 and Doser 2.1 be powered from the 6E Powerbar?

Can't seem to see the answer anywhere.

Many thanks

15.04.2020, 19:55
Yes, you could do that, but first you'd have to set those outlets to Always ON and then set the same outlets to stay ON in-case there is a PAB-communication disconnect from the P4 unit.
You can see how this is done by clicking here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO0aMSNgDtY&feature=youtu.be&t=208).

16.04.2020, 11:00
Hi Vinnie and thanks for that confirmation. I have watched the video - had also seen it before but I am not clear how that relates to what I am proposing. Am I missing something in there?

16.04.2020, 17:46
The video is meant to show how you can set the numbering and initial states of the powerbar. Since you have a PB, you would press the blue gear icon and specify which outlets should stay ON in case of a disconnect from the P4. By default, if the P4 can no longer communicate with the PB, the PB will automatically turn OFF all the outlets. Since you would use some outlets to power the P4 and other devices, you wouldn't want those to turn OFF if there is ever a disconnect. That's what the initial state option is for.

16.04.2020, 19:27
OK got it now. Expecting P4 and KH Director tomorrow so see how it goes from there. Many thanks