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11.01.2020, 18:30
Hi Guys,

1st post here on the forums and looking for some help.

Bought the profilux 4 ultimate set and have just gotten round to setting it up on my tank.

All was going well until i got into PAB connecting around an hour ago. My set has the 6E-PAB (UK Version) and I've gotten myself completely confused on the cable connections to and from the profilux 4 > powerbar > profilux touch > powerbar.

It's been a long day so bear with me. Here's the way I currently have the 2M cat5e cables connected as follows.

1. 1st Cat5e cable from the top PAB connection on the back of the profilux 4 to the 1st connection on the left on the end of the powerbar.

2. 2nd Cat5e cable from the bottom PAB connection on the back of the profilux 4 to the 1st connection (next to the power supply one) on the profilux touch interface.

Is this correct? If not can someone give me the exact connection sequence to save me causing any harm to the unit?

Thanks in advance


11.01.2020, 21:01
Hi Scott

I dont have a pab powerbar, but I found this :

Maybe there is some advice in it

Good luck with the setup ��

13.01.2020, 08:13
Yes, the connection described would be correct.

15.01.2020, 20:21
Great thanks guys, firing it up tomorrow after routing all the wires neatly. Looking forward to using the corntroller.