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11.01.2020, 15:40
Hello folks :)

A couple of days ago I my PH sensor started to act weird.

From stable readings over the past couple of years ( with a yearly probe replacement ) the reading went from normal reading to sky high.

Of course I changed to another probe, calibrated and expected the reading tone be normal.

They were still high and I started to disconnect other stuff as the readings from my aquarium water I a cup was normal but reading from the exact same water in the tank was sky high.

After I disconnected heaters and sterilizer, the only power source left was the PSU for the mitras lightbar

So after I unplugged this one the reading went from sky high to normal again.

The LB PSU and the GHL Profilux 4 is connected to the same wall plug with the same ground reference so I just don't get it.

Does anyone in here have similar experiences ?

Does any GHL staffers know why I have this weird issue ?

I had the impression that the probes was galvanically isolated so this is indeed unexpected.

For now I will shutoff the PH probe.

Best regards, Brock

11.01.2020, 17:38
Replying to myself, I narrowed down the error to the mitras serial connector, that is, if I pull it out of the mitras splitter the PH probe acts normal, and when I reinsert the plug into the splitter, PH reading rises to the sky ( from 7.6 to 9.48)

1. this is weird as there is not connection in the water from the LED bar og splitter.
2. it's also weird that it started now, three days ago there was no problem, whatsoever.

13.01.2020, 15:13

If this is still an issue, please open a support ticket so we can take a closer look at this.

13.01.2020, 15:35
I just did, thank you :)

If any one else have a similar issue, this is the way I tested my setup :
The water in the external glass is taken from the tank to check if it's a probe issue or some sort of current from equipment,
I could then put in or take out the wire from the tank so A/B test the scenario.

Cheers :)