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03.12.2019, 10:01
Hello everybody

I still have a hard time getting the Email notification system up and running

It used to work before I upgraded to the latest firmware, same settings and now it's silent and broken

Does anyone in here have a similar issue ?

Best regards, Brock

03.12.2019, 21:19
I really don't get it, I can send and receive from my Mac,
but with the exact same setting on the GHL Connect and GCC nothing leaves the Profilux 4.


Any advice ?

05.12.2019, 13:01
Please create a ticket: https://www.aquariumcomputer.com/support/tickets-enquiries/

06.12.2019, 23:13
Hello GHL / Thilo

This is an old bug, I just remembered this thread :
#10 (https://forum.aquariumcomputer.com/showthread.php?11975-Configuring-the-WiFi-module&p=79896#post79896)
The email stops working when I set a static IP, it would be nice to have this fixed :)