Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Email notifications from P4 now sometimes truncated

25.11.2019, 11:03
Hi, My P4 now runs firmware 7.23. My P4 sends me a daily email showing a status report like below

My email settings are:11954

Recently the email is truncated -only the first part of the message is showing like below.1195211953

The amount of truncation can vary? Also happens to test email. I have deleted the email and recoded it for it to work at first then later emails to be truncated!
Any idea what's going on?

25.11.2019, 11:18
I have just looked at the raw file as received by BT for those that understand this?!

25.11.2019, 18:51

Please open a support ticket so we can take a closer look at your settings.