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24.11.2019, 00:40
Hello Folks

I know I've been onto these artefacts before but they are still around, so I'd point them out for the GHL team to evaluate

There is some clutter in some of the textboxes around the GCC, tips is one and here is another example

I run the software on windows 7 64 bit, but it shouldn't look like this


Then there is this old Colourbox bug, I pointed it out before, the first colour never seems to stick



I guess there is a typo in the source code somewhere, leaving this artefact in the build.

I just checked these things out on a win 10 pro machine and there everything looks right, so I guess its' a windows 7 issue

Cheers, Brock

25.11.2019, 13:12
Hi, the first problem is a problem with the Internet Explorer. Please use another browser for the webinterface.

We will check the second problem.

25.11.2019, 22:22
Hello again

Also, the email notifications is really coming and going, I maybe my home network but I can't decipher when and why the system is working or not, any advice will be welcomed :)

26.11.2019, 00:01
Okay, now from the win 10 machine...

There is something going on with the fonts, regarding the celcius sign


27.11.2019, 22:58
Way too many crashes...


And after crash I have to restart as the P is missing, my guess is memory handling in the coding
I run a pc win 10 via Remote Desktop client, it may be the cause, but I doubt it


Cheers, Brock

28.11.2019, 14:41
There is something going on with the fonts, regarding the celcius sign

GCC uses the default fonts. Please check if they haven't been modified. Or try re-installing GCC.

And after crash I have to restart as the P€ is missing

Please try closing GCC directly after adding the connection and then open it again. The connection should then be saved.

28.11.2019, 14:51
Hi Thilo

This font problem is present on different machines

And the GCC both crashes and closes itself before I can do anything

Best regards, Brock