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30.10.2019, 20:29
Hello i alreday get my new P4 megaset and i upgrade to last frimware p4 but i cant see any frimware upgrade for PaB 6E, mine is v 1.0....
The issue is about 4 hours working my pab 6e lost Comunication and not work....with original cable pab ...
Can you help me? Any idea 💡?


30.10.2019, 20:45

There is no need to do a firmware update on the PB-6E because it is a new product and there is no new firmware available.
If there were an update available it would be included in the GCC directory (PAB-devices folder).

If you attempted to do an update and uploaded the firmware another device onto this 6E, that will render the powerbar unresponsive.
In which case, the GHL logo light will be OFF and there will be no communication with the P4.

If this is what happened, please open a ticket so we can assist further.

30.10.2019, 21:21
Hello no, cause i dont see pab 6e frimware i dont do any update and nothing. What do you think is the issue?? After reset pba 6e , still working for about 4hours and again Pab com alarm...

01.11.2019, 17:18
Please open a ticket for further assistance.