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21.10.2019, 17:47
I have profilux 3.1 conected by USB to a PC windows 10 with internet. Some time ago email notifications PC was working with gmail smtp now emails are not sending. May be some firewall? I disconect windows and router firewall and still not working, also alow ghl conect conexions...
May be profilux config??
I have tried with ports 25 , 465 and 578.
Can any one help me please????

22.10.2019, 18:53
See this thread:

23.10.2019, 12:54
Hello thanks for ur reply!!
Alreadybis working again. Just open windows and router ports 25,465,587 and i install last frimware 1.29 (march 2019)
Notifications working again trough PC windows 10!!

Anyway i was thinking to buy an profilux 4 to renove my old profilux 3 cause i just can monitorized by pc lan with TeamViewer so my PC have still On 24h... also in my profilux not working myghl cause it havent lan conexion. Just usb to pc.
Is any way to do it??

Thanks again

24.10.2019, 20:16
The P4 is Wi-Fi only, but you would still have the option of connecting the same way you are doing now.
As long as the ProfiLux is on your network, you can also access the controller using the GHL Connect app, web interface, myGHL cloud, and GCC (USB or Network).

24.10.2019, 20:40
So sad no LAN port in P4 .... is a very cheap implementation in a expesive controller.

Again thanks for ur reply