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15.10.2019, 19:09
Hello there, what is the difference between profilux series 3 and series 4

15.10.2019, 20:30
P3 Wire LAN (Ethernet) only
P4 Wireless LAN (Wifi) only

P3 Old and little web interface
P4 Updated web interface
BUT P3 & P4 get the same web interface with Myghl

Until now if you use MyGHL, P3 and P4 offert same things.

P3 temperature probe is analog and P4 temperature probe is digital (digital is more sensitive to electromagnetic interferences)

P4 have a AUX port and a GHL Control Pad port but both are unused until now.

And of course, P4 have a new design with two color available.

But maybe futurs GHL products may only work with P4
BUT next big GHL product, ION Director is announced working with P3: https://www.aquariumcomputer.com/products/ion-director/ "The IOND was designed as an accessory device and requires either a GHL Doser 2 Standalone or a ProfiLux aquarium controller (3 or 4) with GHL Doser 2 Slave to operate"

15.10.2019, 20:39
Thank you

16.10.2019, 14:10
There's also an comarison chart on our Website: https://www.aquariumcomputer.com/products/profilux-aquarium-controller/
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