Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Profilux 4 resource guide error/omission found.

02.08.2019, 15:25
During the REDOX probe calibration I found it omits the step to reconnect the probe. Iím pretty sure the probe needs to be reconnected after step 7 but the steps omit the reconnection of it and specifically and when.

The steps are very clear on when to connect the null plug.

Page 58 of the resource guide is were this is found.

02.08.2019, 16:19

Thanks for the tip.
Since this process is specific to the redox probe, the user will presumably reconnect the probe to the port after finishing with the null plug calibration. Otherwise, it's pointless to put the probe in the fluid if it's not connected to the controller. :)

02.08.2019, 16:30
Thank you and I understand. However I wrote several military guides and technical manuals in the past. We had to break instruction down to the lowest level possible. Just my perspective.

02.08.2019, 16:48
We appreciate the input.
It'll be considered for the next resource guide revision.