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02.08.2019, 10:35
Hi guys, I have an issue with setting up my powerbars.
Until now, I had 1 powerbar connected to S1-S4, and 2'nd powerbar to S5-S8, so the sockets numbering was 1-6 for 1'st powerbar and 25-30 for 2'nd powerbar. I want to add 3'rd powerbar, and daisy chain all three powerbars together at S1-S4 profilux 4 port. And I have big problem - I can't change socket numbering. I am doing exactly like this:

1. Connect only one powerbar at time to S1-S4 Profilux4 port.
2. Make sure there is a tick at checkbox "Digital powerbar connected on S1-S4 (outputs 1-24)".
3. Click "Program powerbar or dosing pump unit ..."
4. Select radiobutton "Numbering of a digital powerbar".
5. Change using up/down arrows number to 7 and click next.
6. Hit Program Now button.

After this a Ready button appears, but nothing has been changed. Powerbar is still as channels S1-S6, not S7-12 (I did activated manual override, and pressing S7 On/Off did nothing, but pressing S1 On/Off changed the state). It does not matter wchich of the two PowerBars I try to program. I have also checked, that trying to program initial state is not working too at both Powerbars.

So my question is - is there any compatibility problem with P4 and PowerBar 6D-D? My Firmwareversion: 7,21 GCC:
And other question - what is the pinout of the RJ12 6P6C cable? Is it straight cable or cross-over/custom connected? Maybe I have bad cable?

02.08.2019, 16:16
There are no known issues with the Powerbar6D working on a P4.
Are you using the original cables?
Have you tried swapping the cables?

02.08.2019, 18:18
There are no known issues with the Powerbar6D working on a P4.
Are you using the original cables?
Have you tried swapping the cables?

Thanks for reply.
I don't know if the cables are original or not (got them with powerbar at local store, they are just black cables). From what i see at the RJ12 connectors, they are 1 to 1 straight-through cables. (Pins 1-1,2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6-6).
But if wires inside cable should be connected differently, please tell me, I have my own 4P/6P/8P crimping tool and can make propper cables if mentioned above are wrong ones.
Strange thing that beside of being unable to change numbering or Initial state, both powerbars working good.

Few moments ago I tried to change numbering and Initial state directly through P4 menu - still no success.

Also I could swear, that I changed Initial state about Year ago, but with different Firmware version. Maybe there is a bug in newer firmwares? I would not like to downgrade firmware.

Edit: Just tried with GCC and Firmware 7.22, Wi-Fi Firmware 7078 - still no luck.

05.08.2019, 17:44
Ok, I can confirm, that there is compatibility issue with Profilux 4 and Powerbar 6D-D for sure. I just borrowed Profilux II ex with Firmware 5.17 from fellow reefer and I had no problems to change socket numbers or Initial state using my cables. So please guys, inspect this problem, it has to be something wrong in Profilux 4 firmware.

05.08.2019, 22:03
Please open a support ticket so we can assist further.