Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : latest wifi and P4 firmware issue

08.05.2019, 21:48
updated both wifi and the P4 to versions 6961 and 7.21

now this seems to have caused an issue with both the GHL logo now not working but also only allowing 3 email rules, once adding a 4th rule all emails stop and the new/duplicate button grey out preventing any additional email notifications

is this a known issue?

10.05.2019, 13:00
I have a simular issue, however I have 4 notifications setup, a 5th is not allowed.

Since updating to the same versions 6961 and 7.21 no email notifications are sent anymore, despite working previously on an older Wifi firmware.

13.05.2019, 11:45
Email notification is limited to 4 slots.
If there are problems during sending, open a support-ticket and provide the system details for further diagnosis: