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03.05.2019, 02:06
my WIFI and alarm system is generally working well. However, occasionally (happened 3 times during the last 3 weeks) the WIFI module turns off without any warning. The WIFI LED turns off and the PL4 shows a white GHL logo. No audio alarm / no alarm on the display, only the myGHL symbol is blinking / no alarm via email whenever the connection is established again. The WIFI module turns on when I am power cycling the PL4.
It feels insecure that I cannot trust the WIFI module, since without that I am not able to receive any sensor alarms.
Does anyone have an idea why this is happening?
Could interference from an WIFI controlled aquarium light cause the outages (Lights controlled with an independent third party WIFI controller and not via PL4)? Though, I doubt that this would cause the PL4 WIFI module stop working entirely, nevertheless I have changed the communication channels of the lights, but the outages are still happening.
Or could it be that since my WIFI module is set to automatically get an IP address from the router it loses the connection and turns off, if the router is ever changing the IP address?

Thank you very much

Router 3m from the tank
WIFI firmware: 6961 - Set to client: Receive IP automatically from router
PL4 firmware: 7.21

08.05.2019, 21:40

If this is still an issue please create a support ticket for further assistance.