Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : 1-10V port isolation and Tunze Stream pumps and Kessil

11.03.2019, 03:40
I'm looking at the Profilux 4 or the 4e and have a question on the 1-10V ports. Because the Tunze fish saver feature cannot be turned off, I have to cut power to the outlet in maintenance mode or it will periodically spin the impeller when I'm doing a water change and it is out of the water. On my current Apex Classic model, when I turn off the power to that Tunze pump, the Kessil lights dim and brighten in a pulsing that is quite obvious. I was told by Tunze that it's because the control box for the 6095 pump is trying to power the pump off the 0-10V port on the Apex and that the Apex does not completely isolate all of their 0-10V ports on the main unit and the control box is drawing enough power to drag down the voltage periodically as some of the circuitry charges and discharges into the pump. I'm not sure if this is harmful to either the Tunze pumps or the Kessils and would rather avoid any potential damage.

Would I still see this behavior with the Profilux? Or are the individual jacks/pairs of 1-10V ports isolated enough that I won't see the same pulsing in the Kessils? I also recently witnessed some weird issues where both lights were repeatedly turning on and then shutting off individually. This may have been due to their recent service outage causing the unit to reboot, but it's also an older unit and the unexplained behavior is making me consider replacement.

11.03.2019, 05:17
This behavior is not known to me with any Profilux. For maintenance you can configure each 1-10V interface separately. Always assuming that everything is correctly wired and set up.
Regards Pit