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10.02.2019, 19:06
I have a friend who has bought a profilux 4, he can not connect via WiFi.

You have tried to update the wifi driver using the wifi-firmware-update-tool tool, apparently it does but it still does not appear.

When we put the fixed IP, when restarting the profilux, it appears with all zeros.

In the configuration appears disabled, I attach photos.


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13.02.2019, 10:08

We are desperate, since we've the Profilux 4 we haven't been able to configure the Wi-Fi connection (approximately one month).

We tested with another wifi network and it doesn't work either.

The strange thing is that the Wi-Fi status check appears without checking. (Ready box)

What are we doing wrong?

In another profilux 4 that I configured this had never happened.

We need a solution now.


14.02.2019, 10:27

in order to get this efficiently supported, it is best to open a Support-Ticket and name us the necessary systeminformation (backup-file: Settings.par, serialnumber)
and other related information about the used WiFi-network settings:

14.02.2019, 14:08

It is already solved!!!!, they have sent a new application of wifi-firmware-update-tool, I think they have separated the deletion and installation of the wifi firmware on two buttons.

Kind regards