Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Setting up PAB powerboat to P4

06.01.2019, 11:33

I am trying to set up a PAB powerbar to my new Profilux P4. I have watched the video online which says the first PAB device was automatic assigned to S1 to S5. I have tried to set 2 heaters to be in S1 and S2. One is in the refugium and 1 is in the return section of the sump. I have set the temperature to 26.2C with a hysterisis of 0.3C. I have not yet connected the heaters as I wanted to get it all programmed before swapping it from the P2 I have currently on the tank. The S1 says off but S2 is saying on. Please can you advise me what to do to correct this?

07.01.2019, 20:45
If these two heaters are expected to react at the same time, you should have the S1 and S2 sockets set to the TEMPERATURE HEATER function. If you only have 1 temperature probe in your setup, make sure BOTH sockets are set to TEMP HEATER 1. This will allow both heater to react according to the values provided by Temperature probe #1.