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14.01.2010, 22:11
I'm looking for a method to control a pump that could be used to drive a closed loop system.

I've found one method of using 3phase pump connected to a reeflo impeller & housing driven by a VFD that can accept 0-10v input for control. The profilux can do the 0-10v output and we're off to the races.

That said, it would be much nicer if there was a simpler solution based right on the powerbar itself.

Has anyone heard or done anything like this using a reeflo pump or similar?


24.02.2010, 21:35
Tim, real easy. Plug the pump into a socket. Assign a timer to that socket for on/off times, save and your set. neil

25.02.2010, 07:03
I think he wants to vary the speed - then an inverter (controls voltage and AC frequency for the motor) with 0-10V control input is needed, for some simple motors (1 phase only) it is possible to work with phase angle control dimming - then you can use our dimmable powerbar