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26.10.2018, 16:20

Since yesterday i can t connect to GHL connect over computer or iphone. i can connect to the cloud but when i try to reach the device it says connection failed....connnection requires myghl enabled on the device and wifi....

I tried to upgrade the wifi to 6851 but didn t change the issue.

I have update the software of my iphone 8!??

But beside that i haven t change a thing!

26.10.2018, 17:16
now i can connect wifi with my iphone local but i can t add the device online via myghl. i have to say that my registered device disapeared by itself after changing device on ghl over iphone. is it a problem with the new wifi firmware?

26.10.2018, 18:20
if it can help, wifi seems to transmit well in the cmd command, there is constant reply. Also in the ghl controle centre/communiaction the wifi status, signal is green the boxes checked are connected as a client and file syst ok. the connect to myghl boxe is unchecked and i can t check it...

i am stil with controle center V1.1.1.2

26.10.2018, 23:32
i solve my problem by changing the ip adress... i lost 3 hours on this..