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01.07.2018, 22:38
So I haven’t been able to connect to my p4 via the app for a few weeks now. Myghl worked ok.

Updated to the latest Firmware in GCC 1.4 and updated the wifi firmware to the latest version within the same file, but still no success with connecting via the app (or via the IP address using the control centre).

Then tried GCC 1.6 and the firmware for both controller and Wi-fi and no luck.

I found an even later version of the Wi-fi firmware via a link Matthias has posted, but that just seems to cause errors when trying to upload the files. I have tried to use the Wi-fi reset tool which seems to complete its task (in the black ms dos looking window) but my Wi-fi firmware is non-functioning. When I look in GCC in the Communication tab, the Wi-fi is not working (no bars and a Red Cross).

On the front screen of the p4 it read ‘Transparent Mode’ or ‘ Transparency Mode’ . The p4 is functioning without Wi-fi (so controlling sockets, etc) but I cannot connect via the app.

Please advise?

01.07.2018, 22:40
This was the Wi-fi download I used last:


02.07.2018, 08:28

using the WiFi-Update-Tool and executing 'Erase filesystem', the previously stored wifi configuration will be erased also and you have to set it up again in GCC or
the other setup methods like WPS (manuals are included); also assign a static ip address.
The transparent mode is used, when you upgrade the wifi-firmware directly via ProfiLux4's USB connection and you should restart ProfiLux4 after this procedure,
in order to let ProfiLux4 re-initialize the WiFi-module completely.

03.07.2018, 07:50

Thanks for your reply.

It would seem that the Wi-fi firmware bin in the update file linked to above does not work correctly when trying to do an update via a web browser. I would suggest you remove the download until resolved. The system checks the file is correct, but then gets into a loop where it continually asks you to log back into the webpage.

The firmware update tool via usb does work and is in some ways easier to use that the fireware update via webbroweser. I would recommend that should be the first choice process for updating Wi-fi firmware. However, it would be useful to add the instruction to the grey box with English and German instructions that the final step is to power down and restart the P4.

Thanks again

03.07.2018, 11:59
Thanks for your feedback.
The login problem does occur, if you use Edge or Internet Explorer. This should not happen with Chrome or Firefox.
We will make the necessary improvements, in order to let the user finish the upgrade task successfully.