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13.05.2018, 03:07
I have a Profilux 3Ex with a Powerbar 6D AUS - PAB connected.

I've recently purchase a 2nd Powerbar called Powerbar 6D AUS which i now know is not the same as what already have.

The original powerbar has an RJ45 socket and the 2nd Powerbar has RJ11.

Can anyone advise if its possible to daisy chain these devices together and control from my profilux.

Note: i also have a doser connected to port S5 port is in use.


14.05.2018, 19:40
Hi there,

This 6D powerbar does not actually daisy chain to the 6D-PAB as they each use different communication cables.

Your 6D-non PAB would have to be connected to the S1-S4 outlet on the ProfiLux. Once that is done, you will need to activate this S1-S4 port and program the numbering of these outlets by going to the SWITCH CHANNELS AND OUTLETS settings page.

Enable S1-S4 port
1. Select Digital powerbar connected on S1-S4
2. Click YES to enable.

Program socket numbering
1. Connect PB 6D-Non PAB to the S1-S4 port
2. Click on the Program digitial powerbar... button in the SWITCH CHANNELS AND OUTLETS settings page.
3. Select Numbering of a digital powerbar and click NEXT.
4. Set number of 1st socket to begin at the first unused socket number.

For example, if your PB 6D-PAB is assigned to sockets 1-6, this new non-PAB powerbar should then be assigned to sockets 7-12.

15.05.2018, 00:33
Thanks Vinny,

What about the 6D PAB powerbar, do i connect that to the 2nd S Port on the Profilux?
Doi need to change the configuration of the PAB? What about the profilux doser as that currently connect to the 2nd S port, does that connect to the PAB RJ45 socket and need to be re-programmed?


15.05.2018, 13:54
As mentioned earlier, these two powerbars use different communication cables therefore they use different ports on the Profilux.

No changes need to be made to anything else. Just follow the steps and you'll be good to go.

15.05.2018, 23:02
Sorry, im re-reading your instructions and i see no mentioned of where to psychically connect my PAB powerbar or my Profilux Doser?
Currently PAB is connected to S1-S4 port and Doser is connected to S5-S8 port

Currently my PAB is configured from S1 - S6
My dosing pump is configured from S7 - S10

So i understand i would need to configure the 6D Non PAB from S11 - s16 but i still dont know where to connect the devices?

16.05.2018, 00:10
You asked how to connect and setup the non-PAB powerbar. I provided those steps.

Presumably your PAB powerbar and dosing pump was already connected and configured. That's why no mention is made of these devices. :)

The definition of PAB ports and S-ports are being mixed up. These are two different ports. It is not possible to connect a 6D-PAB to the S-port. This powerbar ONLY connects to the PAB port of the ProfiLux.
If you actually have a PAB version powerbar and it is already connected to the PAB port, then by default, it is automatically assigned to sockets 1-6. Nothing else needs to be done.

You mentioned having a doser connected to S5-S8 port, yet being assigned to sockets 7-10?
This is not correct.
S5-S8 port can only control sockets 25-48.
S1-S4 port can control sockets 1-24
You doser would have to be connected to the S1-S4 port to actually be assigned to sockets 7-10.

ONLY a gen 1 doser can be connected to this S-port.

16.05.2018, 00:17
Apologies, my mistake.

understood now. Yes i have Gen 1 doser.
Ill connect up later tonight and test.


16.05.2018, 00:26
No worries.

23.05.2018, 23:09
Hi Vinny, I need to purchase a cable to connect my 6D powerbar to the S-Port but cant seem to find any details on the product pages. Can you please provide me with a part number of point me to the page? Thanks

24.05.2018, 10:21
You can buy this cable anywhere. The correct designation is cable with RJ12 connector 6P6C

Regards Pit

24.05.2018, 10:59
You can buy this cable anywhere. The correct designation is cable with RJ12 connector 6P6C

Regards Pit