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03.01.2010, 18:40
I am wanting to connect my two powerheads and return pump to my 6D through my Profilux Plus II. Can someone walk me through this? They are not adjustable and don't want to burn the pumps up. I'm running ver if that matters. Thanks

03.01.2010, 19:00
what are you trying to acheve?

03.01.2010, 19:13
I want to connect two powerheads to a channel and my return pump to the other channel. Then during feeding, I want to be able to shut off powerheads, and during maintenance, I want to shut down powerheads and the return. As of right now I have the return assigned to "Current Group 1," and the powerheads assigned to "Current Pump 2." Both modes are set to permanent and with no waves. I guess my only concern is at the bottom, am I just setting the State, Min, Max, and at Night values to 100%?

03.01.2010, 19:31
Ok simply plug powerhead#1 in recepticaSocket#1, powerhead#2 in Socket#2 and return in Socket#3.

now go to System > Socket Function, set:
S1 to Filter
S2 to Filter
S3 to Filter

The Current Groups are used fro the controlable pump like the Tunze 6055, 6105, 6205

03.01.2010, 19:37
Thank you. I just wanted to be sure the current pump table at the bottom of the pumps page was inactive, and that I wasn't trying to give my pumps 80% power.