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10.03.2018, 14:41
Are there any plans to enable adding your own water testing results to myGHL e.g. Magnesium, phosphate, nitrate? I noticed Fusion does this and it is a really good option to have.
Many thanks

10.03.2018, 14:42
You can use the LOGBOOK feature for this.

10.03.2018, 14:47
I am only using the demo of MyGHL but it only looks like you can capture the latest reading and does not keep historical readings? Is this correct and I would like to graph the history of my readings?

10.03.2018, 16:47
You can record anything ,including water test results in the LOGBOOK. Anytime you want to see results of previous tests, simply select the day from the calendar and your results will show.

Graph display will be a future release.

05.09.2018, 07:25
The calendar feature don't seems to work (or not as well). As soon as I add new entries it does delete the old ones. It dont seems to save if I use the copy function. Is the plan that this will replace the reminder function or will reminders be developed again in the future?

I do really miss the reminders for changing filter media (or whatever you chosed to enter).

05.09.2018, 10:12

yes, it is planned (in fact, we are working on it already) to replace and enhance it this way.