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15.02.2018, 18:32

I can't get mail notification working with my P4.
Seem that Profilux 4 can't send mail directly to smtp server and is sending only through GHL online server with PHPMailer hosted at plxfiles.aquariumcomputer.com.

If i set my smtp server i get "Message could not be sent.Mailer Error: SMTP connect() failed." because my smtp server can't be joint by plxfiles.aquariumcomputer.com

P3 let user use unpublic smtp server, why changed that?

Also tests are not easy because P4 seem to only try one time to send mail, and if it fail i need to reboot-it to test send again.


02.03.2018, 23:49

Another big problem, because you send with PHPMailer hosted at plxfiles.aquariumcomputer.com prevent to send mail with body longer than 241 characters, all other characters are truncated!
You must solve that, i can not even send all the values of my probes. Please come back the Profilux3 notification system.


03.03.2018, 00:36
Also, the implementation of sending mail is "special..." if we send a shorter email than the previous mail sent, the end of the longer email appears at the end of the new shorter email ...

05.03.2018, 10:35
Hello Gael,

how many probes do you have installed and are the 255 characters sufficient in general for your probes then?
You can test the latest wifi firmware from here and test again, whether the mail body is truncated: https://goo.gl/sqaP1w

05.03.2018, 11:01

I have 2*ph+2*conductivity+2*redox+2*temp+2*voltage+3*flo w+1*kh
=13 probes+kh

On P3, the limit of 255 only applies to the input area (which was already too little), not the final generated mail.

MatthiasF, I'm really sorry for what I'm going to say but frankly, why have deported the management of the web server, mail and communication on an external card, and why a card as cheap as the ESP8266.
Matthias promised us a powerful P4 ready for the future and he is spoiled by this slow card with few resources and who can not communicate on smtp SSL, can't run in local without internet and now that does not allow to send mail longer than a Tweet ...

The current implementation of email sending needs to be redesigned...


05.03.2018, 15:20
Hello folks

Here is my email setup :

Cheers :)

05.03.2018, 17:39
I done firmware update:
Module firmware 6638.

The problem of end of last email that appears at the end of a new shorter email seem solved. :-)
BUT emails are truncated to 256 characters...

With P3 I can successfully receive mails of 1652 characters.


05.03.2018, 18:28
yes, the other Matthias is aware of this and working on it

09.04.2018, 21:20
Any news MatthiasF ?

28.06.2018, 14:20
I have the same issue, checked many times spent 3 days trying to figure this out insured ever detail was right, Google Captcha, enable less secure apps etc set and just nothing works....