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Kasper j.
15.02.2018, 15:20

I use the Powerbar 5.1 i conjunction with my profilux 4. It is connected with an original PAB cable. I noticed that the powerbar smell like burned plastic but it works fine. I am just thinking is this normal? I know that new electronics do this but I have used the powerbar for around a year.

The powerbar is not pulling mere then 150 watt so it should not be the fuse.

Best regards
Kasper Jensen

16.02.2018, 01:00
Hi Kasper,

Please check the surrounding area for other equipment.

If the total usage out of the PB is only 150w and all outlets are responsive, then these are okay. You can also check the S5 fuse to make sure it is still in good condition.

16.02.2018, 08:13
if you don't overload the PB you are fine

if you overload the fuse will trip