Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Profilux probe positioning and electrical inteference?

07.02.2018, 18:58

I had a quick question that might not be related directly to the profilux 4 operations. I have read that the probes and their wires should not be near other electrical interferences, like lights, pumps ect. I am not sure of the validity of this. The problem is that i must drill through a wall to allow the probes from the tank go to where the profilux is positioned in the living room. This means that the profilux probe wires will be bundles together with other wires for the pumps, heater, and lights. Would this cause inference in the accuracy of the reading or should they be separated?

To separate them would require me to drill much higher something like 50 cm from the ground in the wall. The only issue is, would the Doser 2.1 be able to pump water from the ground where the containers are all the way up 50 cm and then into the tank. I am using about 1.2m of tubing.

very sorry if this is not a technical question but I suppose its related to the position of the probes, so maybe valid? If not please feel free to remove this thread.

Thanks all

07.02.2018, 20:13
I have experienced inaccurate results if the probes itself is just next to my return pumps - when I moved them to another chamber in the sump I see no problems so I would suggest that the probes itself is not too close to items with high interference (like pumps). It should not be a problem pumping 50cm with the doser at all. I dont think bundling the cables will be a problem, but some interference can be produced - I personally think the placement in the tank is more important, but you dont know before you try.

08.02.2018, 16:11
Thanks a lot alekslyse. I will try my best to seperate them just as a precaution but ill take your advice and keep them away from pumps and heaters.