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06.02.2018, 08:35
I haven't yet purchased a Profilux 4 but one thing I want from a controller is the ability to view as much as possible from the controller in the Cloud. Is there an area on your website where I can see what is achievable and what features are available in myGHL? I appreciate this is being improved all the time but I would specifically like to know -

pH, ORP, Temperature & Salinity and how much historical information is available e.g. does it keep pH data for 1 year, 1 month, 1 week?
From my GHL, can I configure the Profilux 4 as well as view parameters?

Many thanks

06.02.2018, 13:06
Hi there,

Go to myghl.com and take a look at the top left part of the screen. You will see MYGHL - DEMO. Click on it to view a demo of what is available in myGHL.

Yes, you will be able to view your probe data on a single page.

Yes, you can make changes to the P4 settings from myGHL.

The amount of probe data you can collect will depend on how often you set the P4 to record those measurements.

06.02.2018, 18:37
That is great, many thanks