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Kasper j.
26.01.2018, 08:26
Hallo. Please explain how to setup email notification on profilux 4.

26.01.2018, 10:59
Hello Kasper

The way I did was like this :

First I made sure I could use the GHL Control center via the Wireless Net, and tried with both a static and then a dynamic IP address, I ended up with the dynamic, more on this below...

The I configured the email setup and my solution looks like this :

I only worked with my Wifi setup with a dynamic IP / DHCP ( Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ) as the mail never left the P4 with a static IP
So I chose the DHCP, which is okay, but I have some other static IP around and I hope it will be possible in a later firmware update from GHL :)

Hopefully you can use this in your system too :)

Have a nice day, Brock

Kasper j.
26.01.2018, 18:28
Hallo and thanks for the reply :-)

At "my email adress" is that the email account that I whant to have the notifications sendt to ? I am using Hotmail.

Best regards
Kasper Jensen

26.01.2018, 18:49
No sir.

You set the email from the dialogue box that opens when you click new or edit .

It's the drop shadowed box on the right in my screendump :)

The my email address will be the one you see as sender in your inbox.

The smtp server for hotmail is : smtp.live.com
But you can probably use your router's IP as I do ( eg. or

All the best, Brock :)

Kasper j.
27.01.2018, 14:40
Hi Brock

Now it works :-) Thanks a lot :-)

Best regards
Kasper Jensen

27.01.2018, 15:08

15.02.2018, 14:45

Does mail still work for you with latest GCC and firmware?

P4 OS: 7.11
Module ESP: 6589


Kasper j.
15.02.2018, 15:21
When was the opdate ? I got mails from the P4 last week :-)

15.02.2018, 15:26
What is you Profilux 4 firmware version?

Kasper j.
15.02.2018, 16:27
It is 7.08 and the wifi module is 6512.

15.02.2018, 16:58
Ok thank.