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Kasper j.
19.01.2018, 17:57

I whant to opdate the wifi module on my profilux 4. The version is now 6233 and the profilux firmware is 7.08 and everything working also wifi. But I cant get the GHL control app to work om my iphone I cannot connect to the wifi and I thnk that it is because of the old wifi module version.

How to do this. I have downloaded the firmware file but what to do with it ?

21.01.2018, 04:33
Hi there,

We have a video which shows you how to update the WiFi module:

Before starting the update, make sure you are not connected to the P4 on GCC over USB or WiFi.

Chrome browser works best for this update.

Username and password for the webserver can be found in the GCC communications settings page and also in the video description.

You can find the newest version WiFi module firmware by downloading the newest version of GCC.

Kasper j.
21.01.2018, 06:11
I have succesfully opdated the P4 wifi :-) and now the iOS app works.