Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : GCC not connecting to P4 via WiFi

01.01.2018, 22:07
I can't get the GCC software to connect to my P4 on WiFi. it says it "Can't find a GHL Device". I set it up as a static IP, and i can ping, connect using the IP in a web browser, connect using MyGHL cloud and connect via GHL connect app on my phone. but GCC won't work! Please help.

GCC version
P4 Firmware 7.08
WiFi module Firmware 6565

01.01.2018, 23:30
Ok, I gave up on trying to get it to connect and just left the P4 running. Came back and tried it again and now it connects
over wifi! I guess my problem solved its self.

Going Deep
02.01.2018, 00:12
Had similar issue. Turns out that the problem for me was the signal strength of the router I was using. Moved it closer and now it connects and stays connected