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11.12.2017, 22:02
i am unable to connect wirelessly to p4. I have set an static ip adresse and i can connect to myghl.

I have tried with auto or with entering ip adresse of the device. port 1001. device 1.

wifi is up to date, p4 firm 7.08.


12.12.2017, 00:13
Have you tried assigning a different IP address in the P4's WiFi settings?

What WiFi module FW version is on your P4?

12.12.2017, 00:20
What other ip adresse should i try? i tough i had to put the exact ip adresse showed in the GCC.

i have the latest firmware, i upraded it a couple days ago 6512.

12.12.2017, 22:56
I am referring to the IP address you assign to the P4 itself, not the GCC connection settings.
- Connect to your P4, go to the COMMUNICATION settings page, assign a different IP address to your P4.

For example, if it is assigned to Reassign it to

Once that is done, try to connect via WiFi on GCC.

15.12.2017, 19:17
i tried it but it doesn t work. A couple of questions:

1. i am on client and access point: what the access point does? The i put the same ssid for client mode and access point. i used the ip address form client and acc.
2. when i am on the connection admin of the GCC it is asked in the down left corner config. Do i have to go there?

16.12.2017, 03:17
Client connects the P4 to your wifi network.

Access point is for connecting directly to the P4 wifi signal instead of connecting through your network.

These are two separate connection opens. They should should each have different IP addresses and SSID.

P4 WiFi setup video can be seen here:

16.12.2017, 12:16
i followed your video. do you have other ideas what would be the problem?

I can connect via GHL Connect from my home but not outside my network (is it normal?). i can go to myghl without problem. is the problem could be from GCC itself?
i run firmware 7.08, wifi 6512. What Gcc should i be running? If i want to upgrade GCC do i have to uninstall the previous one? thanks for your help.

16.12.2017, 13:27
i tried it this morning in client only and a different ip no and it worked!! Thanks Vinny!