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09.12.2017, 13:57
Hallo GHL Team,

I see in manual for PL4 that for connection PL4 through RS232 I need "special GHL RS232 cable".
1. I don't see it on your web site, I don't see it in shops your dealers.
Is it avalable? Where can we buy it?

2. I bought console cable RS232 to RJ45 and try connect PL4 with PC, but no any connection.
In PC I have 2 COM ports, so I don't use aditional device for connection COM to USB, I use direct connection RJ45 to PC COM port.
I plug RJ45 to Mitras and RS232 socket.
Do you have PINs scheme for this cable? May be I need change wire sequence on RJ45?

3.In attachment picture interface cable JR45 to COM that I used.

With best regards,

09.12.2017, 15:28
You do not use this kind of cable to connect to the P4.

Use the USB cable that is included in the box.

09.12.2017, 17:01
Thank you Vinny!