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06.11.2017, 06:06
This is the mail i recive.
What does
1 and
+2 mean ?

Adding the description would be nice here too.

Levelcontrol 1 : + 2
Levelcontrol 2 : 1
Levelcontrol 3 : + 2
Levelcontrol 4

06.11.2017, 10:22
The meaning of the numbers are explained on page 66 of our programming guide, see 6.4 Diagnostic. Please refer to that section.

06.11.2017, 11:31
Seems like it reefers to Level controll cicuit instead of Level input ?
Whats the does the pluss before the number mean ? "+ 2" vs "1"

6.4 Diagnostic
To facilitate the implementing of the level sensors, the menu item Diagnostic is available. The current state of all level sensor inputs is displayed here. On contact with water (= sensor active) the corresponding number of the sensor input is displayed.
The display of "1 4 8" means that sensor inputs 1, 4 and 8 signal contact with water.
Please note that a "contact with water" is also displayed when no sensor is connected. The diagnosis is terminated with Esc.