Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Problem with Profilux 4 directing GHL Doser 2.1

06.10.2017, 16:23
I have set up my Profile 4 to be the Master and the GHL Doser 2.1 to be the slave. My GHL software believes that the Profilux is directing the Doser to dose 5 mls 4 times a day of each of Triton additives. When I was working on the tank last week the dose turned on and stopped dosing after on a few drops. My Profile now believes the dosing containers are out of additive but they have almost a liter left in them. In other words the Profilux thinks the Doser is dosing but the dose is either not dosing or not dosing what it is programed to dose. My Alkalinity has now dropped below 7 and the corals are starting to suffer.
The display lights at the top of the Profilux blinks white, yellow, then double white and then repeats.

06.10.2017, 21:56

This sounds like a mis-calibration issue. Please run calibration for this pump, preferably using a graduated measuring instrument that can give you ml measurements in increments of 1. Also check your lines for trapped air bubbles as these can certainly throw off pump accuracy. As for the fluid container level, the dosing schedule will still run despite the fluid level in GCC saying there is 0ml remaining.

As for the color codes, these are two separate codes:

Yellow: One or more dosing container fluid levels is nearing 60% fluid level
White: P4 system not connected to myGHL