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23.09.2017, 09:40
I have a aquamedic sp3000 as my ato.
Its working just fine with no problems, however its a one sensor ato.

In order to get some extra safety i would like to plug the aquamedic into my powerbar 5.1, set the powerbar outlet to on if theres a pab/profilux failure.
And add a level sensor that will turn the socket off if the waterlevel is too high.

This way the aquamedic sp3000 will function just like before, but if theres a failure with the aquamedic levelswitch profilux will turn it off.
If theres a pab or profilux4 failure the aquamedic sp3000 should behave independantly since the socket is still on.

How do i set this up in profilux 4 ?
There should be no maximum on time, always on as long as profilux levelswitch is not activated.



24.09.2017, 13:52
Leaving a socket ON in case of P4 disconnect
1. Go to the SYSTEM settings page and select the Powerbar from the PAB device list.
3. Select which outlet should stay ON in case of a disconnect from the P4. Check the one which will have the Aqua medic ATO connected.
4. Click OK

Turn off if water level is too high in sump
1. Connect your float or optical sensor to a LEVEL port.
2. Go to the LEVEL settings page and select an unused Control circuit.
3. Set Operation mode to LEAKAGE DETECTION.
4. Select the sensor number that will be responsible for this function. Max-on time is ignored for this function.
5. Click OK
6. Go to the SWITCH SOCKETS AND OUTLETS settings page and select the socket where the Aqua medic will be connected.
7. Set function to FILL WATER. The number you select beside it will depend on the Control circuit number you used when you created the function. For example, if you used Control circuit 1, set the Powerbar outlet to FILL WATER 1.
8. Click OK and then SAVE CHANGES.

Doing the above will have the ProfiLux behave exactly how you described.

The LEAKAGE DETECTION function is used in this case because it will leave the assigned socket ON by default. If the water level were to ever rise and hit the assigned sensor, the outlet will turn off and an alarm will be activated. Once the water level drops, the assigned outlet will turn back on and your Aqua medic ATO will resume normal operation.

24.09.2017, 18:20
Thanks Vinny, i will try this.

05.10.2017, 22:08
Tested today, working 100% as expected.
Thanks Vinny

05.10.2017, 23:16