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20.09.2017, 17:10

This morning I received an SMS with the following data:


Temp 1 40.0C *

pH 1 5.95pH

Redx 1 405mV

Co.S 1 1.0049 +

pH 2 8.04pH -

Temp 2 40.0C !

12 4

12 4

12 4

How is it possible?


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20.09.2017, 17:25

What is the current WiFi module firmware version on your P4?

Have you noticed this happening randomly or during certain times of the day?

Please post a screenshot of this email settings.

20.09.2017, 20:06
Hi Vinny,

I have the 6318 version of the wifi. t

The message has been sent by the sms module.

Today was the first time.


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20.09.2017, 22:16
i have the same Problem once or twice a week.
I thought the Problem was my cabels, i reorganized them but the Problem is still there.
Profilux 4 with WiFI 6407 an Firmware 7.08.
Greets from Germany

21.09.2017, 11:38
Witch components? I used pl3ex with exbox2 temp Sensor digital and have the same problem. U have temp alarm on? If no switch on and show how many times u have alarm with 40

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22.09.2017, 07:43
to all:

we had 2 customers recently who had this problem.

It was solved when they moved the temp.-sensor cables away from potential electromagnetic disturbers

(other cables, especially from/to ballasts, pumps, power supplies etc.)

both customers solved that problem with this

-> please avoid interferences for the temp.-sensor (cable), this may interfere with the digital data transmission

-> if this does NOT solve your problem the contact the GHL support directly