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19.09.2017, 16:06
Is the charts down on myghl? I get blank logs with topic {{'Chart'|translate}} so not sure if its me or something else?

20.09.2017, 06:22
Hello Aleksander,

we fixed the issue and you should see the charts as before.

20.09.2017, 18:29
Working now :)

11.02.2018, 10:53
Sorry to revive this but I cannot see any data on my charts, all of the sensors are set to record the information but I cannot see any information displayed. Please help.

11.02.2018, 13:13
If you recently enabled measurement logging, you will need to give the probes enough time to collect enough data before it can be viewed on the myGHL graph.

Also, make sure your P4 firmware and WiFi module firmware is up to date.