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30.08.2017, 03:42
So everything has been sailing along smoothly and then today I needed to rearrange my system around a little bit. Everything was unplugged and then when I plugged back in and reassigned my PAB Devices I get a continual PAB ALARM but only from my dosing pump. This is a new system that has actually only been up for the last week and a half at most. I did another PAB system reset (at least 7-8 more times) yet I get the same error. I changed PAB cables and still the same issue. Prior to unplugging the system all seemed to be working just fine. Any suggestions please as we are getting ready to leave town and my dosing pump is not functioning now?

30.08.2017, 12:09
Is this device shown in the PAB device list when you go to assign it?

Check to see that the cable is connected fully to the Doser's PAB port.

30.08.2017, 12:24
Yes it is shown along with my powerbar. I even swapped cables along with the pab port numerous times with the same alarm.

30.08.2017, 13:56
Are you getting a PAB Com error?

Check your dosing pump settings. If one of them are set to activate an alarm when fluid level is low, that could be the cause.

30.08.2017, 14:00
Yes I am getting PABCOM Alarm. All levels were refilled. Like I mentioned everything was running along fine for the last week but I unplugged everything last night to move some cables around and when I plugged everything back in (power cables only) I started receiving these alarms. When I assign just the power bar I receive no alarm, its not until I assign the dosing pump when i receive alarm.

30.08.2017, 15:32
This is the same cable you were using before the cables were moved around?

On the doser you have two PAB-ports, please try to connect the PAB-cable to the other port.

30.08.2017, 15:36
Yes same cables, Rhodes were not moved or unplugged when moving around, only unplugged the power cable. I've tried both PAB ports as well as different PAB cables. Like I mentioned the same cable that I removed from the doser works with the powerbar and that was one of my many attempts after I received the error alarm. Not sure what's going on as all I ever did in the first place was unplug power

31.08.2017, 05:24
Can you confirm that the correct power supply is connected to the Doser?

Doser 2.1 uses a 24v PSU. ProfiLux 4 uses a 12v PSU.

31.08.2017, 05:48
Yes it's the correct one, I never unplugged the doser, only the Profilux 4 to reroute the power cable for it. I tried multiple times again tonight with no success whatsover. Still giving me the exact same alarms. The foes does show up on myGhl and will cycle pump 1 for about two seconds then shut off but nothing on the other three. Getting pretty ********** and aggravated

31.08.2017, 16:13
I emailed you for further support.