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15.08.2017, 19:52

I bought a P4 comes with firmware 7.07 can only be used with the betasoftware as showed in the download section..

I Buy P4 expansionbox 2 and 6 sensors and a flow meter.

My greatest issue is, I bougt it for most important function for me flowmetering.
In the Gcc i can not see thats connected, online it sas connected but no reading.
I need logging because the flow is not Always , but 2 times per hour and I want know how much water flow is there...

Please I need help here

15.08.2017, 20:01
Hi there,

GCC version 1099 is labeled as beta, however we have not received any reports of bugs with this version. It can therefore be used without any trouble.

Provided that the flow sensors are connected to the correct LEVEL ports on the P4, you should do the following:
- Connect to your P4 via GCC
- Go to the FLOW-SENSOR settings page located under the PROBE/SENSOR CONTROLS category on the left.
- Select the flow sensor and select what LEVEL sensor port it is connected to.

Remember, the flow sensors can be connected to either LEVEL port 1/2 or LEVEL port on an expansion card.

On the same screen you will have the option to set the desired flow rate and enable an alarm if the flow ever goes above or below the set flow value.

15.08.2017, 20:44
Wit GCC 1099 I can't connect but managed that online. GCC no stay connected it's stops after a unmeasurd amount of time. I need the option to log the data is this available or not jet?

16.08.2017, 06:31

in the next couple of days GHL Control Center and ProfiLux 4 firmware 7.08
will be released and you will have the option to log and analyze your measurement values.

18.08.2017, 09:23

I downloaded the new version and yes i have the log working.
I only mis the measurement log for the flow meter. This is important as i want to know how many time's and how much waterflow. This is a dymico filter system controlled by special IKS software. Here I need a flow meassurement log.
Wat are the possibiliities to log the flow sensor?