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13.07.2017, 09:24

I have a problem about connecting the 0-10v cable to the Profilux 4, as the port in the pump controller is 3.5mm port. How could I adapt it?

PS: which kind of port on Profilux is for 0-10v control? RJ11/RJ12 with 6 pins? I could find some 4 pin RJ11/12 in the electric market, does it work if I got on 4-pin RJ11/12 cable to 3.5mm adapter?

Thank you very much!

13.07.2017, 10:48
This cable would have to be sourced from the pump manufacturer. If the other end of the cable does not fit into our 1-10v port, you can use our LBF-AP accessory.

One end of the cable will connect to your pump control outlet and the other end will be cut and connected to the LBF-AP board.

We provide the cable which goes from the LBF-AP to the P4.

21.07.2017, 05:27
Thanks for the reply.

Is LBF-AP able to connect multi pumps with different settings?

21.07.2017, 12:06
One LBF-AP accessory can control two separate channels. So yes, you can connect two separate pumps and control them individually.