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12.07.2017, 19:07
Hi ive received my new p4 today , ive gone to calibrate the conductivity sensor and it keeps calibrating the 50ms soloution to 47ms , i am making sure the 50ms soloution is 25c and ive even tried another conductivy sensor but it keeps reading the 50ms at 47ms , can anyone shed some light on the please. Thankyou.

14.07.2017, 14:57
Anyone please ? whats the point having it if its reading incorrect? my p3 never had this issue

14.07.2017, 23:05
Can you please outline the steps you are taking during the calibration process?

When you are asked to select: Temp.-Sensor 1 OR Aquar.temp.man. - What are you selecting?

Are you using the Conductivity calibration steps provided on page 54 of the P4 Programming Manual?

How old is the 50mS fluid?