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16.12.2009, 00:59
I just bought GHL controller and dosing pumps, If I need to dose supplement 2 times of 0.6ml a day by using the dosing pump, I have no idea how to make it.

Can I have advise from you guys here?

Thanks in advance.

16.12.2009, 08:52
I am sorry, but the smallest amount is 1ml per dosing

if you want to dose very small amounts then you should consider to thin your fluid down

16.12.2009, 09:22
Thanks for your prompt reply.

If I want to dose 0.6ml additive, I can drop 0.6ml into 1.4ml RODI water (total will be 2ml which is good enough for the dosing pump); do I get the same result if I dose 6ml (0.6ml x 10) additive into 14ml (1.4ml x 10) of RODI water (I will get 20ml this solution), then program the dosing pump to dose this solution in 10 days, 2ml/day.

Will it be the same as I dose 0.6ml manually into tank instead.

Thanks in advance again.

17.12.2009, 14:59
If you need to dose 1.2ml a day better is to thin your fluid just like Matthias said. Since the dosing pump can dose 1ml per second it is better to dose 60ml instead of 1.2ml since that is more accurate (since the tubes need time to get filled with water)

So what if you would like to add 1.2ml per day of a certain sollution, but you need to dose 60ml to acchieve it?

The best thing to do is to add 12ml of your sollution into a container which holds a minium of 600 milliliter; add 588ml of reverse osmosis water and shake well. normally this would be enough.

Now, you can dose 2 times 30 seconds per day which will add 2 times 30mls of your water solution which would give you 1.2ml/day.