Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : How to transfer all settings from Profilux II Ex Plus into Profilux 4?

08.05.2017, 06:46
I would like to change my Profilux II Ex Plus into Profilux 4.
So, I will be very happy if I transfer all my settings from "old" device (Profilux II Ex Plus) to "new" device (Profilux 4).

How to do it?

Which parameters will be transfered? Which NOT?

How to re-connect all external devices (1-10V, Sockets, Levels, pH sensors, Temperature sensors? etc.)?

08.05.2017, 15:45

Due to the significant differences in performance and hardware that the P4 has, you will not be able to transfer over your data to the P4. It would be best to manually input your settings to the P4.

All ports on the P2, with the exception of the RS232, are still on the P4. The setup process for S-devices is still the same as it was in the P2; connect device, enable respective S1-S4 or S5-8 channel, and configure socket numbering. If you have multiple powerbars, these will have to be individually connected to the same S-port and assigned socket numbers before they are added to the chain of S-devices.